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Staff call button
dematerialize and streamline your waiting lines

“Need any assistance ? We are here for you !”

You lose clients because they cannot find staff members in your store ? Your customers waste time waiting for a staff member to become available ? The staff call button is THE solution !

KeyMEET enables your staff members to become easily called and optimise their availability. In store, your customers call a staff member via connected button, a call terminal or a mobile app, they are notified of the call confirmation and the waiting time.

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Features :

Customer side :

  • Call button accessible via a tablet in store, a connected button or an app on your customer’s device,
  • Reason for calling,
  • Push notification or SMS with amount of people in the queue and waiting time estimation.


Staff member side :

  • List of enquiries and appointment confirmation
  • Personalisation upon profile or department,
  • Back-office monitoring, statistics follow-up (waiting time, mostly asked departments, etc.).

A real plus for your stores :


  • Connect staff members and customers to increase proximity and reactivity,
  • Prepare your sales pitch depending on the reason for the call,
  • Optimise staff members’ mobility in-store,
  • Reduce waiting lines in departments and at the cash registers,
  • Inform customers of staff members’ availability,
  • Do not lose customers anymore because of lengthy waiting lines or lack of support,
  • Measure waiting time and time to support customers.
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Willing to test the staff call button ?

Our portfolio

Bricomarché – call button in a department

A call button activated on tablets in store’s departments, enabling customers to ask for support and receive a call confirmation.

Staff member side : call received through a dedicated module on the mobile app.

IKEA – appointment with kitchen designers

  • Front office for customers enabling to make an appointment with a kitchen designer.
  • Reservation back-office operated with Minut’Pass

Marionnaud – appointments in spa

  • Front office for customers (web & mobile) enabling appointments in spa : spa treatment reservation, place and staff member.
  • Reservation back-office operation on Minut’Pass. Solution rolled out in 245 spas.