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A new generation BtoBtoC payment system

The customer need

In BtoB, the digitalization of the point of sale is often a less accomplished subject than in BtoC retail. The sales method differs even if customers’ expectations may be similar. The complexity of the services rendered (volume, size, price, cutting, packaging, quotation, down payments, account customers…) often hinders the implementation of digital solutions. However, these solutions make life easier for customers and sellers. 

As its slogan indicates, Sainthimat wanted to surprise its BtoB and BtoC customers by changing its payment system. Three priorities: time saving, “mobility” and security of the process.

The solution provided by Keyneosoft

Keyneosoft has deployed, in collaboration with the Sainthimat team, its new generation KEYPOS payment solution. Natively omnichannel and mobile, this solution offers many uses.

Sainthimat encaissement en mobilité

Depending on the customer’s needs, you can create mobile baskets and associate them with customers, reserve items, make estimates, order items (whether or not they are in stock), make a deposit and change the amount in value, etc. All these steps before the checkout make the payment process more fluid and offer a better quality customer service.

At the end of the collection process, the customer can make any type of payment, including deferred payments or payments by public bodies with administrative mandates. A global payment circuit that meets all the requirements of the consumer with a complete engine of offers and commercial operations, not to mention that the customer can obviously obtain an invoice with VAT, or various taxes depending on his country of origin.

caisse omnicanale Sainthimat
Bon de commande

In practice, this new payment system allows mobile and fixed payment to coexist in the same digital environment. In particular, this allows for a unified shopping cart that can be retrieved anywhere and anytime in the store.

An omnichannel solution for customer satisfaction, a priority for Sainthimat, which deals with a wide range of customers, from professionals to private individuals, but also for the benefit of its teams, whose time is optimized!

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