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Click and collect "food offer"
and international catering orders

The context and customer needs

IKEA, the famous furniture retailer, also sells typical Swedish food products, called “IKEA Food”. This offer, often at the exit of the store, feeds the Swedish identity of the group and allows to diversify the income. In total, about 700 food and beverage products are available for sale.

Keyneosoft had already worked with IKEA on click and collect solutions, first for the entire furniture and decoration offer in French stores, then for the implementation of a dedicated site for its annual Christmas tree operation. It is therefore natural that IKEA entrusted Keyneosoft with the implementation of a click and collect site to sell its “Food” offer, first in France, then since 2021 internationally.

At the same time, the Swedish retailer also entrusted us with the implementation of a website and quote management tools to test a catering offer in Canada.

Solution de click and collect pour IKEA Food

To meet the needs of IKEA Food International, Keyneosoft deployed the click and collect, product catalog and inventory management, and order management system modules of its Keybuild New Retail platform.

ikea click and collect

To do this, we adapted the solution for international deployment:

  • Customization of the interfaces of the click and collect ordering website, in compliance with the IKEA graphic charter. Thus, the navigation is fluid for the customer who accesses it from the main website of the company.
  • Connection of the most suitable PSP payment solution for each country (Klarna for Sweden, Moneris for Canada, Stripe for France,…).
  • Management of local taxes, multi-languages, multi-currencies,…
  • Adaptation of the mobile application for in-store order management: automatic identification, link with the management and collection system

To date, the KeyOrder360 click and collect solution has been deployed in Sweden, Canada and Australia. Other countries should follow soon.

Solution de click and collect pour IKEA Food

A new service is currently being tested in Canada. The idea is to allow the customer to organize an event (wedding, family events, birthdays…) with Ikea: order catering products, decoration, furniture…

To meet Ikea’s needs, Keyneosoft used the necessary modules of its Keybuild New Retail platform: offer management, quote management, order management system.

ikea catering

The solution consists of:
👉 a dedicated website, developed and adapted to the IKEA charter. It allows the user to fill in the information related to his event, to choose his products and the desired services.

👉 a back-office allowing teams to receive requests, issue or modify quotes and validate orders.

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