IKEA sapin click and collect


Keyneosoft simplifies the purchase of Christmas trees and related products at IKEA thanks to click and collect

The customer need

The Swedish furniture giant IKEA has a tradition every year: “Operation Christmas Tree”.

What is it about? The objective is to sell a tree to each family for Christmas and to reimburse the exact value of the tree in the form of a gift card to be used in the store. Victim of its success, this operation was the scene of frustration for a good number of customers, finding empty stocks when coming directly to the store and endless queues in and around the store.

IKEA therefore needed a solution that would allow customers to both reserve and pay for their tree online before coming to the store and to reserve a pick-up time. This was to save time during the ordering and payment process, and to streamline the flow of customers once in the store.

The solution provided by Keyneosoft

Keyneosoft aggregated different modules of its Keybuild New Retail platform to implement a dedicated e-commerce site in click and collect mode, with online payment and appointment scheduling, a back-office for managing inventory, sales quotas and orders, and a mobile app for in-store teams to prepare and hand over orders to customers.

The solution was implemented in less than 3 months in 2015. Since then, it has been deployed in all French stores and generates thousands of orders every year.

How does it work?

  • The head office and the store can manage their products, stocks and quotas of products available for sale online from the back office. They can also set up pack or promotional offers.
  • The customer goes to the IKEA website to access the dedicated click and collect site.
  • They choose their pick-up store, then the products they want to buy and that are in stock.
  • They build their shopping cart and log in.
  • They make their payment online via the Stripe payment platform, integrated in the solution.
  • They receive their order confirmation (including a QR code for easy pick-up).
  • He presents it once in store to the IKEA employee, at the entrance of the outdoor enclosure dedicated to the operation. The employee finds the order and can manage it with a dedicated mobile application.
  • The customer chooses his tree according to his wishes.
  • Once the tree is chosen, the IKEA employee also gives the complementary products ordered at the same time on the website (tree stand, tree bag, decoration).
  • Once the order has been confirmed, the customer receives a receipt and a voucher by email to be used in the store.
  • In the back-office, the store visualizes all its sales and can also manage its orders, cancellations or possible refunds.

What the customer thinks

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