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KeyMEET - the in-store appointment solution

To manage and streamline the flow of customers and the reception of your customers

The uses and advantages of appointment scheduling :

  • Provide a premium service to your customers (appointment for advice, coaching, service, live shopping session, product demonstration,…) and thus improve their satisfaction and increase their average basket
  • Manage your customer flow and your shop resources by anticipating and organising your customers’ visits for purchases, click and collect orders, drives, e-reservations, …. You can thus reduce queues in shop

The KEYMEET appointment scheduling solution from Keyneosoft is composed of :

  • A client front office for making appointments. It is integrated on your website in the form of an iframe or API, on a kiosk, in a mobile application of the customer or a salesperson/welcomer. Depending on the configuration you want, the customer can choose his shop or location, his service or reason, his time slot and his advisor. He then receives a confirmation and reminder by email and/or SMS and can synchronise his appointments with his calendar.

  • A back office and mobile application for managing appointments. On the one hand, you can set up your shops, your services or reasons, your staffing, the days, times and slots of appointments. You can also view and manage your appointments.

The strengths of the solution :

Quick to set up

We implement and configure the solution in less than 5 days

Simple to integrate and use

Thanks to the back office, you are 100% autonomous

Controlled costs

You pay according to the number of shops or places that use the solution.

Our customers cases

The features of the digital appointment scheduling solution

Simple, responsive and intuitive interface. We adapt the course to your needs.

    • Choice of shop: the customer chooses the place of appointment
    • Choice of service: the customer chooses the desired service or department
    • Choice of date and time slot: the customer selects the appointment time slot that suits them
    • Appointment confirmation: the customer receives confirmation and reminders of their appointment

A web interface for :

    • Set up your services/vendors, available time slots and your appointment quotas per slot and per day
    • Manage your appointments: booking, qualification, finalisation, cancellation, deletion
    • Monitor statistics: number of visits, appointment duration, flows and conversions

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