plateforme digitale BtoB

KeyBtoB - Digital platform for BtoB

To digitalise your customers' orders and your sales staff's job

The uses and advantages of the digital platform for BtoB: 

  • You digitalise your customer order process: you allow your customers, members or shops to place commitments or orders with you in e-commerce mode (virtual purchasing centre, customer order portal).
  • You digitalise the work of your field sales staff: you equip them with a sales and customer order-taking tablet.

The Keyneosoft KeyBtoB solution consists of :

  • A web portal and a mobile application for ordering: access to your product catalogue (photos, descriptions, prices) and offers, creation of a basket or order, creation or consultation of a customer file, placing orders.
  • A back-office for your head office or purchasing centre to manage your product catalogue and offers, your customers and your orders.

The strengths of the solution :

Mobile first

The front and back office ergonomics are adapted to mobile navigation.


The UX and ergonomics of the front office are adaptable to your needs.

Simplified integration

We easily connect to your ERP, CRM, product catalogue, active directory/LDAP through open APIs.

Management of price lists

You can adjust your prices to suit your customers.

Our case studies

Système U

E-commerce platform for ordering textile and bazaar products for stores from the central purchasing office.

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