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KeyPOS - New Generation Cashiering Solution

To make your customers' omnichannel shopping experience and checkout experience more fluid

The uses and advantages of the new generation of cashiering :

  • You offer an omnichannel and unified shopping experience to your customers in shop.
  • You collect and manage all your sales on a single device: shops, click and collect, e-reservation, ship from store, e-commerce, etc.
  • You can collect cash on the move, wherever you want: sales on the shelf or at an advice point, remote sales, etc.
  • You can easily open new checkouts. You can offer tail boosting.

The KeyPOS solution from Keyneosoft consists of :

  • A mobile application or Android tablet, deployable on any cash register equipment.

  • All the functionalities of a cash register: scanning and access to the product catalogue, creation of baskets, generation of quotations or orders, creation or consultation of customer files, promotions and loyalty engine, payments (credit card, cheque, cash, gift card, etc.), sending or printing of receipts, closing and opening of the cash register, etc.

  • Natively integrated omnichannel functionalities: ship from store order management, click and collect and e-reservation, range extension and unified stocks, customer appointment management, etc.

  • Connectors to various payment terminals (Ingenico, Adyen, Hipay, Verifone, Nepting, etc.) and ecommerce platforms (Magento, Sales Force, Prestashop, SAP/Hybris, Shopify).

  • A connection with a cash drawer.

Use and benefits

Natively omnichannel

It integrates all web and shop customer paths and unifies your inventory, customers and orders.

Mobile first

The ergonomics are really adapted to mobile cashiering.

New generation equipment

The solution is compatible with the latest cash register equipment on the market.

Simplified integration

We connect easily to your management system, loyalty system and e-commerce site through open APIs.

Our customers cases

The functionalities of the omni-channel payment solution

  • Identification
  • Creation of basket and scanning of products
  • Access to customer account / creation of a new account
  • Item or basket discounts (loyalty, returns…)
  • Basket valuation, link with commercial operations engine
  • Cashing via a portable Eftpos terminal or link to an existing fixed Eftpos terminal, possibility of recording cheque and cash transactions
  • Dematerialised receipt (sent by e-mail). Printing as required.
  • Management of pending baskets, persistent baskets, management of returns
  • Opening and closing of checkout sessions
  • Integrate loyalty and promotions
  • Manage orders, view purchase history, vouchers, etc.
  • Manage cash register openings and closings
  • View sales statistics, turnover figures, etc.
  • Manage shop information
  • Manage users, roles, rights

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