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mobile clienteling application

keySALES - mobile clienteling application

To make your salespeople more effective in sales and omnichannel operations

The uses and benefits of the mobile vendor application :

  • Your salespeople become mobile and connected in-store. They can sell and inform their customers on the move, without any break in the sales process.
  • Your sales staff can train or inform themselves on the move. You digitalise the documentation and information you distribute in shop.
  • Your shop teams can perform back-office tasks (receiving, inventory, etc.) during off-peak periods.

The KeySALES application for sellers from Keyneosoft is composed of :

An iOS or Android application, mobile or tablet, enabling your sales staff to carry out all their tasks on the move:

  • sales and clienteling: access to an extended product catalogue and stocks, creation or consultation of accounts or customer and loyalty information, mobile pre-payment or collection
  • Management of omni-channel paths (click and collect, ship from store, etc.)
  • Training or information
  • Back-office tasks: receiving, inventory, shipping, pricing or labelling…

This mobile application is accessible on consumer mobile terminals (such as Samsung, Ipad, etc.) or ruggedised professional terminals (such as Zebra, Honeywell, Unitech, Pax, etc.).

Use and benefits

Natively omnichannel

It unifies your web and shop customer paths, inventory, customer account and orders.


The UX and customer journey are adaptable to the needs of your sellers.

Simplified integration

We connect easily to your cash register system, ERP, ecommerce site, active directory/LDAP through open APIs.

Quick to set up

The solution can be deployed in less than 3 months.

Our customers cases

The features of the vendor application

  • Sales support: media library and sales pitch
  • Product catalogue: search by categories/customer needs, search engine, filters, product sheets, stocks (shop, web, surrounding area), prices
  • Customer accounts: create/modify/access customer record, history, loyalty, wishlist…
  • Shopping cart, loyalty and discounts, (pre)collection
  • Back-office tasks: ship from store, click and collect, inventories, receipts
  • MDM, statistics, exploitation
  • Offline mode management
  • White label interface adapted to your graphic charter or dedicated ergonomics

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