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Implement your new shop concepts and customer paths successfully!

Possible uses of the KeyBUILD platform :

Do you want to create and deploy new purchasing or sales paths, in an agileiterative and rapid manner, either autonomously or using your existing information system?

Omnichannel store

Click and collect, e-réservation, extension de gamme, order in store, mobile shopping, ship from store...

Make an appointment

Manage and streamline the flow of customers in your store

Salesperson & connected employee

Mobile or tablet clienteling application, product catalog, order taking, inventory, reception...

Second life

1 out of 3 French people declare that they are ready to do without new clothes, encouraging the practice of second-hand trade.

New store concepts

Showroom stores, pop-up stores, automated stores, cash registers...

Dark store

Transform your sales area into a real warehouse with the Dark-store.

New generation cashiering

Central cashier, mobile cashier, mobile customer self scan

Reliable in-store inventory

Inventory and receiving solutions

Customer service

Clienteling, appointment setting

KeyBUILD is THE solution !

Our Keybuild platform can be used as a stand-alone solution with its associated back-office, or as a middleware and orchestrator between the different bricks of your information system (product catalogue, images, prices, stocks, customers, loyalty, orders, payment system…) and the front-office applications (e-commerce site, Order management system, mobile or tablet applications, cashier,…).

Thanks to KeyBuild’s modular architecture and a multitude of micro-services dedicated to omni-channel commerce or connected shop uses, we integrate and deploy your new uses easily and quickly, using our white label solutions, or by orchestrating the different modules according to your needs and your existing situation.

The advantages of the Keybuild unified commerce platform

Integration and aggregation of your product and customer data and content. A simple integration with your IS and standardised with the front.

Connectors with the main market solutions (Lengow, Magento, Salesforce, Prestashop, collection software, PSP Ingenico, Adyen, Verifone, Hipay, Paypal,…)

Successful management of the disconnected mode, hot and cold data

Time saving : independent structure, deployable in SAAS or on premise mode, rapidly deployable by capitalising on your existing tools

Contextualisation of front office and data exposure according to shop, device, history and service

Evolving your IS without impacting existing applications. Shift the load (bandwidth, querying) outside the IS, the e-commerce site

KeyBUILD features and modules

Orchestrable according to your needs and based on your existing bricks

  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Bill of materials management
  • Search engine
  • Filters, sorting
  • Stock management
  • Price management
  • Sales channel management
  • Unified shopping cart
  • Discounts
  • Advance payment management
  • Basket valuation
  • Promotion engine
  • Invoices / receipts (print or electronic)
  • Payment solution / Eftpos terminals connection
  • Closing of cash register
  • Customer account
  • Loyalty
  • Vouchers
  • Orders
  • Purchase history
  • Wish list / quotation
  • Multi-criteria order orchestration engine (stock, distance, …)
  • Order preparation
  • Order tracking and status
  • Customer discount management (collection, delivery)
  • Ship from store
  • Unified stocks
  • Receipt of packages/products
  • Allocation of stocks
  • Stock movements
  • Stocktaking
  • Restocking
  • Product showcase
  • Co’ action engine
  • Push and notification
  • Recommendation engine
  • Cross-sell, up-sell
  • User / rights management
  • Synchronization
  • Statistics
  • Security
  • Monitoring / supervision
  • Store locator
  • Queue management / appointment scheduling
  • Multi-level management of complex organisations and networks

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