Keyneosoft becomes...


Our new generation cashiering solution
awarded at Paris Retail Week, in the “omnichannel commerce” category.

Solutions for seamless and omnichannel journeys

Make omnichannel sales easier and more profitable

Accelerate your customers' checkout experience and move into the era of unified commerce
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Orchestrate your orders intelligently

Orchestrate and manage your orders intelligently whatever your sales channel (e-commerce site, stores, market-place...)
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Optimize your in-store operations

Manage and optimize your back-office operations (supplies, receipts, inventory, stocks, etc.) to support your omnichannel strategy
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They have taken a retailer's lead with Keyneosoft!

The modules of the KeyBUILD new retail platform from Keyneosoft

A modular, fully API-enabled and customizable platform to build your omnichannel journeys

Order management system

Unified inventory, orchestration, order management and preparation, picking

POS / Collection

Mixed cart, multi-payment, receipt, discounts & promos, checkout session...


Management of stocks, supplies, receipts, inventories, movements...

Customer and loyalty

Customer account, purchase and order history, quotes, loyalty, appointment scheduling

Why Keyneosoft ?

Because we are innovative, retail experts, agile and we adapt to your needs

A step ahead of retail

Since 2007, we have been supporting retailers in their digital transformation, to help them stay ahead of the game! Our consultants have extensive experience of retail and digital customer journeys and uses, and will support you in the design, implementation and deployment of solutions.

Easy to integrate

Our platform is modular, customisable and rapidly deployable. Our middleware allows for easy integration and interoperability with other components of your information system.

Customisable & ergonomic

Our solutions are 100% adaptable to your business needs and customer or vendor journey. We design the best interfaces for your customers and employees to have an unforgettable experience.